1. Emerge

2. Tistate

3. Fletcher

4. Pulse


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1. Why Drum and Bass ?

Why not? Because it's the superior genre! 


2. Best night out ?

Spontaneous nights out always tend to be the best ones, because they're not planned and you just end up going to random places you wouldn't usually go to. If I had to pick a single night, Collective at Crofters Rights in Bristol is always a good night out!


3. Favourite music piece / moment ?

Definitely watching The Prodigy live. That was a moment to remember.


4. No. 1 movie ?

Prestige by Christopher Nolan. Any Christopher Nolan film really. 


5. Current Location ?

Sat at my kitchen table watching Charli Brix eat a bagel.


6. Track title meaning ?

That's for me to know and you to find out ;) 


7. Wishes for the future ?

To continue progressing as a producer and as an artist and to embrace any opportunities that come my way as a result of that. Also when I finish my studies I'll be keeping my eye out for any business ventures where I can apply my production to some serious work.


8. Other music ?

I don't produce any other music but I also enjoy listening to other stuff. I draw inspiration from other genres when trying to get ideas for new tracks. 


9. Inspiration ?

Living in a city like Bristol helps a lot with my inspiration and motivation, a city where there's loads of like-minded people and the scene is amazing. It's kind of hard not to feel inspired. 


10. Bad Taste & You ?

It's always been a label that I've wanted to work with. Even before I started making music I respected the calibre of their output, so to now be among a roster of artists that I've spent years listening to is pretty cool.