Bad Taste Drum & Bass 2020


So now it is Christmas and thankfully time to celebrate the end of this year with our annual collection of Badness. Looking back over the last 12 months is quite a challenging thing. 2020 has been an unexpected blip in all of our lives and has literally challenged the entire world and its music. This compilation is history locked in time. A summary of the worst year with some of the best Drum & Bass that never got the chance to thunder through those huge sound systems across the globe. This is 2020 viewed through the eyes of Bad Taste as it twisted and turned, month after month through the gauntlet of lockdown, online with many of its family from across the world. Bad Taste Drum & Bass 2020 featuring the sounds of Malux, Teddy Killerz, Gydra, Kursva, Filip Motovunski, Full Kontakt, Vegas, Drumsik, Art1fact, Bohemian, Hemanifezt, Screamarts, Zombie Cats, Heist, Minor Rain, Ephyum, Xeomi & Kaiza. Let's see what 2021 has to bring…..


1. Malux - Turbine VIP

2. Teddy Killerz - New Drums [Gydra Remix]

3. Full Kontakt & Vegas - Terrahawk

4. Kursiva - Nasty

5. Filip Motovunski - For My Dogs

6. Zombie Cats & Heist - Falcon

7. Drumsik - Mind

8. Minor Rain - Humanoid

9. Xeomi & Kaiza - Sextant

10. Kursiva - I Don't Care

11. Bohemian & Drumsik - Madness. ft. Hemanifezt

12. Art1fact - Information

13. Screamarts - Rise

14. Ephyum - Fluctuation

15. Drumsik - Noise In My Mind

16. Xeomi & Kaiza - Appeal

17. Full Kontakt & Vegas - Need IT