Bad Question Section - Telekinesis

We put your questions to Telekinesis, to celebrate the launch of BT017 Sacrifice / Polaris

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1.Whats the unlaiden flight time of a europeon swallow from london to manchester?
This time of year swallows fly different direction, but nevertheless if one decides to fly from London to Manchester it would take it about 5 hours.

2.If you could work with any artist in the world on a few tracks, who would it be?
Rebecca Black

3.How long did you making music to the first release?
We making music before for 4 years

4.If you were going to eat a crayon, what colour would it be?
The one that tastes like chicken.

5.Who would be your ideal partner for some man love?
Sam King

6.What's the best name for a pet salamander
Mick or Jonas

7.Why does snoop dogg wear a rain coat?
Because he is so small it makes him look taller.

8.If you could have a superpower what would it be?
If ? i think its obvious we got one already.

9.weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse
iPhone. i bet theres an app or something for just $0.99.

10.what would you do if all the electricity ran out?
Do everything we can to make our own electricity.