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BT004S1 - VINYL 2 tracks

12" Vinyl £5.99

VINYL tracklist

 ‘Cretin’ is the first, and possibly most fierce BLOKHE4D track to make it out of the studio. The track first surfaced online in late 2009 thanks to a cheeky online video which teamed this ferocious track up with the horror classic Jacobs Ladder. Since then the video has spread like wildfire round the internet, and this track has clocked up thousands of plays across the web.   

Gridlok and Origin provide another insight into what’s in store on Bad Taste III with the bouncy, rolling dancefllor cut ‘Two Tone’. Right from the start a hypnotic riff twists and turns, sucking you in and spitting you out, whilst an unstoppable pulsating bassline propels the track forward.  Perfectly placed guitar riffs float to the surface before being dragged back under by the weight of the bass. San Francisco representing, and they do not disappoint!

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